Week 1 Lecture Notes: What is interaction design?

Lecture Pod

Everything from a button to a link to a form field is part of interaction design. Bill says that interaction designer has 3 questions to answer, how they do, how they feel, and how they know. He further explains that a human design something as we provide possibilities. As designers, we design the way that the machine gives feedback and what kind of knowledge we expect from our users.

Definition for interaction design:

  • “Designing interactive products to support people in their everyday and working lives”
  • “The design of spaces for human communication and interaction”

Definition for interactivity:

  • “Of or relating to a program that responds to user activity”
  • “Working together so the total effect is greater than the sum of 2”
  • “Capable of acting on or influencing each other”

A few interactions that we have communicated are book, mobile phone, online website, or a conversation. In interaction design, there are 5 key design area that contributes to interactive products, interactivity, information architecture, time, and motion, narrative and interface.


Class Time

On Monday, we started creating our blog using a website called WordPress. On Wednesday, we had to write down each step on how to make a toast.



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