Week 2: Graphic Design: Interactive Digital Media

Lecture Pod

There are at least 8 distinct phases that can be seen in the design interactive process. Error, Idea, metaphor, scenario, engineer task, model, representation, and manipulation. Early visualization with diagram and flows helps us identify potential directions, missing information, and the most appropriate next steps. At some point in the design process, we need to draw our solutions and create interactive prototypes to validate our ideas. Personas helps us understand people.

The concept of context is an important component to consider when designing interactive. Context includes ‘contexts for use’ and ‘context of use’. We need to understand ‘what people are trying to do’, ‘how they may try to do it’, what gets in the way or helps’ and ‘where they might be doing it’.


Class Time

In class, we continued our toast work. Group 1 did their precedent presentation. We started doing flowcharts, storyboards, and user interface exercise for making toast. Then we had to post our flowcharts and storyboards on our toast blog. We also looked at some wire-frames.



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