Week 3: Design Patterns for screen

Lecture Pod

Design patterns and interactive design goes beyond style and more than just visual repetition. They are similar and reusable solution that have a working function often seen interface and software design. “Each pattern represents our current best guess as to what arrangement of the physical environment will work to solve the problem presented”.

User interface pattern must guide users through a smooth experience. Some patterns such as the hamburger menu is easily recognizable for users. The hamburger button is a symbol that contains three parallel horizontal lines displayed on the screen. Other useful design patterns are account registration, long scroll, card layouts, hero images, animation, material design, responsive design, and flat design.


Class Time

In class, we started using illustrator to design our user interface workflow.  We first practice setting up one of Greg’s user interface workflow before we design our toast one. Once we finished designing 2 pages of our toast user interface workflow, we had to post it on our blog. On Wednesday, group 2 had to deliver their precedent presentation. Then, we had to discuss our project ideas in a group. Every person will be given a colour hat to talk about the other person’s project.



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