Week 5: Personas

Lecture Pod

User Personas

In most cases, personas are synthesised from data collected from interviews with users that are captured in one to two pages description that include behaviour patterns, goals, skills, attitudes and the environment or context. With a few fictional details to make the persona a realistic character. For each product, more than one persona is usually created but one persona should always be the primary focus of the design. When defining personas, we need to ask ourselves, what are the task your user is trying to perform?

User Personas

  • age
  • sex
  • occupation
  • hobbies
  • likes/dislikes
  • other details germane to the product such as behaviour patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, their environment (or Context)

Large vs Small Audience

  • Who is your core audience?
  • Who is your fringe audience?

If you focus on your core audience when defining your personas, you can still cover a large portion of your user base. The hope is that your design will satisfy your fringe audience but to keep the focus on satisfying your core audience.

Artefact Personas

Another approach is to also apply personas to the Artefact (the project or product, not the user). This can be most useful for client meetings where often the discussion collapses into subjective assertions. To develop an artefact persona, you ask product personality questions such as:

  • If the interface was a person, what would she or he be like?
  • How would you expect users to react when they first view the product?
  • How would you describe this product to a friend?
  • How is the product different from competitive products?
  • Which celebrity (or car, movie, etc.) is the product most like? Least why? Why?


Class Time

On Monday, we made a collage for Dave Smith’s user persona. Then, we worked on creating our own user persona using xtensio. On Wednesday, Sarah was away so we did not have a class but we started writing user scenario for our project.



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