Week 7: UI Visual Design Patterns

Lecture Pod

Web and app user interface design is sometimes mistakenly thought of how the website or app looks, the graphic design. Interface design is not just about the colours and shapes but rather about presenting the user with the right tools to accomplish their goals. User interfaces are much more then buttons, menus, and forms for users to fill out. It is a connection between the user and the experience, the first and an impression that either makes the website feel familiar and helpful, invisible or forgettable and annoying.

User Experience

User experience is the abstract feeling when people get from using website. When designing a website, you want your user experience to be as positive as possible and you want your users to enjoy being on your website or using your app.

Common Navigation Patterns


  • Navigation Tabs
  • Module Tabs


  • Horizontal Dropdown Menu
  • Vertical Dropdown Menu
  • Accordion Menu

Jumping in Hierarchy

  • Shortcut Dropdown
  • Fat Footer
  • Home Link
  • Breadcrumbs


  • Carousel
  • Event calendar
  • Article list


Class Time

No face to face class this week. Assessment 2 due this week.



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